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Taxi / Transfer from Larnaca Airport (LCA) or Larnaca town to Ercan Airport (ECN)

Taxi / Transfer from Larnaca Airport (LCA) or Larnaca town to Ercan Airport (ECN)

Quick and comfortable Airport - Airport transportation with all type of (inshured for north and south part of Cyprus) vehicles. Professional drivers knows all borders and documentacion for this trip. Please preparate your passport and Visa (if needed) in first 25 min from the transfer time because you have to show them to custom police for passing a border.


fromtoTaxiMinivan 6Minivan 813 seats
Larnaca airport (LCA) Ercan airport (ECN) 95.00 € 130.00 € 140.00 € 180.00 €
Larnaca town Ercan airport (ECN) 95.00  115.00  125.00  170.00 


The precursor of Ercan Airport, Tymvou Airport, was constructed by the British in World War II as a military airport, during their colonial rule of the island. Following the Turkish invasion of Cyprus and the partition of the island, it was occupied by the Turkish army, and today it is used as the main civilian airport of Northern Cyprus.

Since 2006, the rule which stipulates that flights are required to touch down at a Turkish airport before continuing to and from Ercan has been under discussion. In 2006, the Turkish government began discussions for Northern Cyprus's main port Famagusta, and main civilian airport Ercan, to be able to operate direct connections, with the UK government describing it as a "significant and creative offer".

However, as of 2017, the rule still applies, and Ercan airport has seen a decrease in customers, as a result of new tight security measures imposed by the UK Department for Transport questioning the status of the airport and forcing passengers travelling between Britain and Northern Cyprus to disembark with their luggage and go through a fresh security check in Turkey in order to board a new aircraft for their final destination.

Recent plans have arisen to privatise Ercan Airport, as well as plans to enlarge the airport in order to increase capacity. Ercan Airport currently has a 2,755 metres (9,039 ft) long runway and an apron with a capacity of seven aircraft. Although the runway is long enough for large planes to land, it is not long enough for take-offs. The plan has been for the construction of a new runway of 3,200 metres (10,500 ft) and extension of the existing runway to 3200m, apron and terminal building and with the planned new apron more than doubling the current plane capacity. As of 2021, the new terminal is currently under construction. It will be much larger than the existing airport and will have 9 airbridges.

The new terminal was due to open in the spring of 2023 but the opening was delayed. It will be fully compliant with international standards and will be able to handle direct flights in the future.

Source: Wikipedia


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