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VIP car with private Driver in Cyprus
VIP car with private Driver in Cyprus
VIP car with private Driver in Cyprus
VIP car with private Driver in Cyprus
VIP car with private Driver in Cyprus

VIP car with private Driver in Cyprus

MAX7taxi offers VIP option for a part-time rent-a-car of an automobile with a driver and VIP transfers from all the airports in CYPRUS. The driver has a good command of Russian, English and Greek. These VIP transfers with luxury cars ensure a high quality transfer of the clients and affordable low prices for this VIP service. Luxury cars Mercedes S-class W222, E-class W213 or V-class W447.

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A car with a driver in Cyprus
Car type  3 hours  4 hours  8 hours  + km +1 hour 
Mercedes E-class  230   300    455   0,90   40  
Mercedes S-class  370 €  485 €  710 € 1,00 €

85 €

Mercedes V-class  275   350   545   1,00   59 
* The price includes 350 km.
* Price incl. bootled water for all passengers and Wi-fi.
* Price incl. all parking fees.
* Price incl. fuel.
* Price incl. all type of child seats if needed.
* Only driver without car, 250 €/day.

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