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Taxi, transfer from Paphos to Larnaca Airport

Taxi, transfer from Paphos to Larnaca Airport

Paphos taxis, prices in town from 7€ only! Our company can help you 24/7 allways with Airport transfer from/to Paphos. Transfer time Larnaca Airport-Paphos is arround 1hour and 25 minutes with distance approximately 135 km. Taxi vehicle is equipped with boothled water for all passengers and strong WI-FI for all customers. Drivers speak your language well. Cars is new and big, with space for many suitcasses. Taxi Larnaca Airport Transfer from/to Paphos will cost 95€ (one way). On the way back we offer all trips with discount 10%.

▶No hidden fees ▶Free child seat
▶Paid road charges and parking ▶24-hour reception
▶Insurance of passangers ▶All prices include VAT
▶Help for your luggage ▶Free water for all passengers
▶Payment online or cash ▶Wi-fi


 Taxi, Transfer Fares from Paphos in Cyprus


fromtoTaxiMinivan 6time
Paphos town Ayia Napa 125.00 € 155.00 € 2h 
Paphos town Ercan airport 130.00 € 180.00 € 2h 30min 
Paphos town Kyrenia 145.00 € 190.00 € 2h 15min
Paphos town Larnaca bay 95.00 € 125.00 € 1h 25min 
Paphos town Larnaca town 90.00 € 120.00 € 1h 20min
Paphos town Larnaca airport 94.00 € 119.00 € 1h 10min 
Paphos town Limassol 60.00 € 75.00 € 55min 
Paphos town Nicosia 110.00 € 145.00 € 1h 30min 
Paphos town Protaras 130.00 € 165.00 € 2h 20min 
Paphos town Famagusta 140.00 € 180.00 € 2h 35min 
Paphos town Paphos airport 35.00 € 55.00 € 35min 
Paphos town Pissouri 50.00 € 75.00 € 45min 
Paphos town Lefkara 95.00 € 135.00 € 1h 20min 
Paphos town Ayia Thekla 125.00 € 155.00 € 1h 45min 
Paphos town Aldiana-Robinson club 95.00 € 115.00 € 1h 
Paphos town Aphrodite Hills 55.00 € 85.00 € 40min 
Paphos town Bafra 190.00 € 240.00 € 2h 40min 
Paphos town Kapparis 135.00 € 185.00 € 2h 10min
Paphos town Coral bay 35.00 € 55.00 € 30min 
Paphos town Lofou 150.00 € 185.00 € 1h 25min 
Paphos town Paralimni 135.00 € 165.00 € 2h 20min 
Paphos town Pernera 135.00 € 165.00 € 2h 20min 
Paphos town Polis , Latchi 80.00 € 100.00 € 50min 
Paphos town Tala 35.00 € 55.00 € 30min 
Paphos town Troodos 150.00 € 185.00 € 1h 45min 
Paphos town Chloraka 30.00 € 40.00 € 20min 


Mosaic from the House of Dionysos, god of wine, 3rd c. AD

New Paphos (Nea Paphos) was founded on the sea near a natural harbour. It lay about 60 stadia or 12 km northwest of the old city. It also had a founding myth: it was said to have been founded by Agapenor, chief of the Arcadians at the siege of Troy, who, after the capture of the city, was driven out by the storm that separated the Greek fleet onto the coast of Cyprus. (Pausanias viii. 5. § 2.) An Agapenor was mentioned as king of the Paphians in a Greek distich preserved in the Analecta;and Herodotus (vii. 90) alludes to an Arcadian "colony" in Cyprus.

In reality, it was probably founded by Nicocles (d. 306 BC), the last king of Palaepaphos, based on an inscription recording his founding of the temple of Artemis Agrotera at Nea Paphos. The inhabitants of Marion were probably also transferred to this new city after its destruction in 312 BC by Ptolemy.[25] A hoard of unused silver coins (in the Cyprus museum) found under the Hellenistic House dating back to the end of the 4th century BC are the earliest find at the site and indicates its founding date.

Old Paphos always retained the pre-eminence in worship of Aphrodite, and Strabo states that the road leading to it from New Paphos was annually crowded with male and female votaries travelling to the ancient shrine, and coming not only from the New Paphos, but also from other towns of Cyprus. When Seneca said (N. Q. vi. 26, Epistle 91) that Paphos was nearly destroyed by an earthquake, it is difficult to say to which of the towns he refers. Dio Cassius (liv. 23) relates that it was restored by Augustus, and called "Augusta" in his honor; but though this name has been preserved in inscriptions, it never supplanted the ancient one in popular use.

An inscription from the 80s BC speaks of a certain Onesander of Paphos being appointed to the Great Library of Alexandria.

St Paul's Pillar in Paphos

According to the biblical Acts of the Apostles, after landing at Salamis and proclaiming the Word of God in the synagogues, the prophets and teachers, Barnabas and Saul of Tarsus, traveled along the entire southern coast of the island of Cyprus until they reached Paphos. There, Sergius Paulus, the Roman proconsul, was converted after Saul rebuked the Sorcerer Elymas.[29] In Paphos, Acts first identifies Saul as Paul.

Tacitus (Hist. ii. 2, 3) records a visit of the youthful Titus to Paphos before he acceded to the empire, who inquired with much curiosity into its history and antiquities. (Cf. Suetonius Titus c. 5.) Under this name the historian included the ancient as well as the more modern city: and among other traits of the worship of the temple he records that the only image of the goddess was a pyramidal stone.

The sanctuary was closed during the persecution of pagans in the late Roman Empire.


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